Graffiti removal / protection

Graffiti removal and protection

We can quickly remove all types of graffiti entirely. We do this without causing any damage to the surface or leaving traces or marks, known as ghosting or shadows. Graffiti is not only damaging to the surface it has been applied to, it also looks awful, it can damage your reputation, decrease the value of your property and encourage further graffiti or vandalism.


We at Reliable Property Services Group offer a complete graffiti removal and protection system which firstly removes the graffiti using minimal and affective chemicals together with applied accurate pressure steam cleaning and completed with the application of a protective seal. This seal offers protection so that further attacks of graffiti can both easily and cost-effectively be removed without the need for further applications of chemicals.


We tailor our cleaning methods to your requirements, taking into account the type of material used for the graffiti (this could be paints, markers or adhesive labels/stickers) along with the type of surface it is on. We can remove the toughest materials from the most sensitive of surfaces.

It is important to call in a professional when removing graffiti, as tackling this yourself can be very time-consuming and potentially cause further damage.

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